European Union

Steering the Danube region into the 21st century

On 13 April, the General Affairs Council endorsed the Strategy for the Danube Region, aimed at developing the economic potential of an area defined by the world's most international river basin and improving environmental conditions in it.

Commission proposes unitary patent protection to boost research and innovation

As part of the Single Market Act presented today (see IP/11/469), the European Commission has tabled today a package of two legislative proposals, under enhanced cooperation, that will radically reduce the cost of patents in Europe by up to 80%.

Energy taxation: Commission promotes energy efficiency and more environmental friendly products

The European Commission has today presented its proposal to overhaul the outdated rules on the taxation of energy products in the European Union. The new rules aim to restructure the way energy products are taxed to remove current imbalances and take into account both their CO2 emissions and energy content.  

European arrest warrant fights cross-border crime, but EU Member States can improve how it is used, Commission report says

Europeans have the right to travel freely within the EU for work, study or holidays. But open borders should not allow criminals to evade justice simply by travelling to another Member State. The European arrest warrant – in effect since 2004 – provides an efficient tool for extraditing people suspected of an offence from one EU country to another, so that criminals have no hiding place in Europe.

Commissioner Piebalgs calls for EU to maintain its leadership on official development aid as new figures reveal it spent a record €53.8 billion in 2010

Today Commissioner for Development Andris Piebalgs presented the 2010 preliminary figures on official development aid spent by the EU and its 27 Member States.

Digital Agenda: new guidelines to address privacy concerns over use of smart tags

Today the European Commission has signed a voluntary agreement with industry, civil society, ENISA (European Network and Information Security Agency) and privacy and data protection watchdogs in Europe to establish guidelines for all companies in Europe to address the data protection implications of smart tags (Radio Frequency Identification Devices – RFID) prior to placing them on the market.

Children in EU to benefit from speedier maintenance payments from abroad

The pain of a divorce or separation is all too often made worse by financial and emotional pressure when one parent lives abroad and refuses to provide financial help. With an estimated 16 million international couples in the EU and 30 million EU citizens living in non-EU countries, the issue of retrieving child maintenance from abroad will grow.

European Commission calls on Member States to set national strategies for Roma integration

Europe's 10-12 million Roma continue to face discrimination, exclusion and the denial of their rights, while governments lose out on increased revenue and productivity because potential talent could go wasted. Better economic and social integration is an imperative – but to be effective, concerted action is needed at all levels to address the multiple causes of exclusion.

Corporate governance framework for European companies: what needs to be improved?

One of the lessons of the financial crisis is that corporate governance, until now usually based on self-regulation, was not as effective as it could have been. It is important that companies are better run.

Digital Agenda: Commission reviews Member States' protection against cyber attacks

In a report taking stock of progress made in implementing its EU-wide 2009 action plan, the European Commission praises Member States' efforts to protect critical information infrastructures from cyber attacks and disruptions (see IP/09/494).


Photo exhibition “30” dedicated to the anniversary of the Romanian Revolution of 1989, opened at the EU Council, Atrium area


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The message of Minister for European Affairs George Ciamba at the end of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union


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