In Focus

Energy Security

Romania’s Governance Programme for 2009-2012 establishes under Chapter 17 – Energy and mineral resources – the strategic objective of „Ensuring the country’s energy security by means of an efficient system for primary resource procurement, generation, transport, distribution and supply apt to continuously provide energy to all consumers in conditions of accessibility, availability and price affordability, while paying heed to environment concerns.”

Action will be directed towards modernizing transport and distribution systems; developing interconnections; diversifying importation sources and transport routes for hydrocarbons; encouraging the growth of natural gas storage capacities and of  extraction capacities from storage facilities; drawing up a long-term programme for the importation of energy raw materials, including liquefied natural gas; securing strategic domestic stocks; regional cooperation  with a view to establishing articulate procedures in overcoming energy crisis situations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is directly involved in supporting and promoting energy security objectives by actions such as:

Monitoring and promoting the array of issues related to energy security;

  • Supporting the fulfilment of national energy objectives, in direct cooperation with other institutions and governmental structures with powers in the field;
  • Promoting the concept of energy diplomacy by facilitating, supporting and identifying new opportunities at external level;
  • Supporting the European Union’s objectives and projects related to energy security in order to ensure European energy security and the development of a stable economic environment, with stress on reducing the effects of climate change;
  • Promoting the European Energy Strategy concerning energy supply security, growth of internal market competitivity and support for sustainable energy as a basis for sustainable economic development;
  • Following up the enforcement of the decisions of the Prague Summit Declaration regarding the South Corridor;
  • Getting involved in the implementation of energy projects important to Central and South-Eastern Europe – the Nabucco gas pipeline and the Pan-European Oil Pipeline (PEOP) – and suporting supplementary proposals such as the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania liquefied natural gas transport project (AGRI) and interconnecting the national natural gas transport system with those of neighbouring states.

Major projects promoted by Romania:

  • Nabucco;
  • PEOP;
  • AGRI Project (Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romania Interconnector);
  • Interconnecting the national natural gas transport system with those of neighbouring states.


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