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Expos of the Romanian Presidency in the EU Council

EXPO – Atrium Justus Lipsius:

„Architecture is inhabited sculpture,“ as the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuşi  once said, and such is the motto of the exhibition organized by Romania, courtesy of the Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Identity, inside the Atrium at the Justus Lipsius building of the Council of the European Union.

The exhibit itself is a representation of just a section of the whole Brâncuși sculpture ensemble, as found at Târgu-Jiu/Romania, in particular the Table of Silence. 

It suggests a space meant for urban living, imaginary or academic: the library… underlining therefore the dialogue between various dwellings and various cultural genres. Bookshelves can be found inside the exhibit, on which various books are stacked, all featuring famous Romanian authors, published in several foreign languages.

EXPO – Justus Lipsius:

The Romanian stand created by the Romanian Ministry of Tourism is a closed-open space, loosely enclosed by 28 panels with images of Romania, yet symbolizing the 28 EU Member States. The concept of the promotion stand is based on a story, and therefore its shape was not randomly selected. The layout of the 28 panels suggests the boundaries of present-day Romania. The cohesion and solidarity of EU Member States is suggested by these 28 panels being interconnected.

At the bottom of each panel, circular tables have been installed, inviting everyone to conversation. 

Wallpaper FORUM – Europa building:

“Europe’s wild heart” is a photo exhibition dedicated to Romania’s biodiversity. The Forum features a series of photos of wild animals and natural landscapes, including protected areas. The collage brings together the work of several award-winning photographers.



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